Who We Are

Who We Are?

StoneBridge Healthcare is a new company formed solely to ensure that hospitals can survive and thrive across the cities and suburbs of America to serve out their mission of providing top quality care in the communities they serve. While we are a new company, we have the depth of experience of a well-established one. Our experience and knowledge of where the hospital industry is today and where it is headed, led us to develop an innovative approach to solving the many challenges that are facing our nation’s healthcare delivery system. Our company is structured to develop partnerships with leading health systems that allow them to grow by acquiring hospitals that are in or approaching significant economic distress, possibly facing closure if they remain on their current path, which would be devastating to the communities they serve. Our decades of experience, our financial investment, and our commitment to expanding primary care into the urban areas we serve make our company the only one of its kind.


We identify health system partners that are interested in significant strategic growth, both in their own markets as well as new markets, and then we work with them to identify potential opportunities to add hospitals and related services to their system in line with their organization’s strategic plan. To accomplish this, StoneBridge assumes nearly all the financial risk for these endeavors, infusing capital and providing operational and managerial success. Health system partners bring brand reputation, a focus on clinical outcomes and quality care improvements, plus research and teaching opportunities, when available. The hospital can then build upon its successes with renewed energy and the outlook of a supportive partnership, continuing to fulfill its mission. Importantly, the partnership can be structured to retain a hospital’s not-for-profit status, if desired. Together, we can change the course of the hospital’s financial challenges, provide a platform for growth, and preserve access to care in each community.


We seek to partner with hospital systems in urban and suburban locations across the United States. We are looking to partner with health systems that have between $2 billion and $20 billion in annual revenue and who are seeking to grow.

WHOm can i contact?

For reporters seeking background or an interview, contact melissa@StoneBridgeHealthCare.org