The Mission Project

StoneBridge Healthcare has identified a substantial need for Community Health Services in urban markets across the country. More than 80 percent of the healthcare delivered in the United States does not take place in a hospital. It occurs in the community. It is a well-known fact in the public health community that there are tens of millions of U.S. citizens that have virtually no access to healthcare. These communities have the same health profile, mortality rates and morbidity profile of many underserved nations. While some of these communities are in very rural areas, many of them are in the heart of America’s cities — literally within a single mile or two of existing acute care hospitals.

The conditions in which we are born, grow, live, work, and play have a bigger influence on how healthy we are than the medical care we receive. Proper health care goes way beyond what happens in a hospital. It involves lifestyle habits of healthy diet, exercise and preventative care. That requires easy, affordable access to healthy food, safe places for recreation and doctor visits. This kind of primary care is simply not available to many vulnerable people. To make sure every person has the same opportunities to be healthy and have a good quality of life, there is an urgent need to work on addressing unmet social needs at the individual, provider, community, and policy levels.

Accordingly, StoneBridge Healthcare has formed “The Mission Project”, a state-of-the-art healthcare delivery system in urban markets where the company operates. StoneBridge believes it has the potential to make a significant 

impact on community health through the hospitals it acquires. The lack of primary care in many urban markets is pervasive and presents an opportunity for StoneBridge to make a life-changing difference for our country’s most vulnerable populations. The Mission Project will be designed by Tulane University Professor Mark Diana, a member of the StoneBridge Healthcare management team. Professor Diana will focus on how to address the most critical problems facing these communities.

Through the Mission Project, StoneBridge Healthcare will rebuild hospitals so they are better equipped to support the health of the community. The Mission Project will listen to and work with local groups to understand the gaps in community care – and then put money and time into offering clinics or other life-changing help. The solutions may look different in each market, but the commitment will be consistent. StoneBridge will use our hospitals as bases of operations, capitalizing on their doctors, nurses, pharmacies, kitchens and vehicles to bring care and support to people where they live. Many of the social and environmental factors that impact health and wellness cannot be solved by any single entity, but with respect to some of the health challenges these communities face, these hospitals will be able to meet some of these unmet needs.