How are we different?

Our distinctiveness starts with what we do. StoneBridge Healthcare can immediately step in and provide many resources to our health system partners: We can identify and jointly agree on hospitals to purchase. We can negotiate the acquisitions on the best possible terms. We can provide the capital to not only complete the transaction but also to invest in the hospital. We have a stellar team to return these hospitals to profitability. We can complete these transactions as either for-profit or non-profit entities. In addition, we provide our health system partner with an option to acquire 100 percent of the partnership in the future, generally after the second year. Lastly, we pledge to respond to the community healthcare needs of the urban markets we serve — outside of the hospitals — through our commitment known as The Mission Project.


We are different in who we are. We are leaders in understanding the hospital industry. We have expertise in all facets of the American healthcare system; many of our executives have successfully led hospital systems. And we are capitalized through a multi-layered composite finance group that includes nationally known debt and equity sources. We are privately held and are not owned or controlled by any Private Equity sponsors. That is a sign of the seriousness of our purpose, the ability to deliver on our promises, and the smart business of investing in hospitals.


Nothing is more important than patient care and knowing help is there if you need it. That is especially true in an emergency when any moment can be life or death. Hospitals provide that assurance, and so much more, as cornerstones of care in their communities. They are particularly vital in locations where the availability and affordability of healthcare is already an enormous challenge; the closing of a hospital in an underserved community is a tragedy. Hospitals must survive — lives are literally at stake. And, saving hospitals is a matter of protecting jobs and preventing economic despair. With no state or federal bailouts coming, hospitals need a new way to survive and thrive. That’s what StoneBridge and its health system partners can provide together.


The Mission Project was the catalyst for the creation of StoneBridge. It is a vital, community-based element of what we provide when we acquire a hospital. Proper healthcare goes way beyond what happens in a hospital. It involves health education and lifestyle habits of healthy diet, exercise, and preventative care. That requires easy, affordable access to healthy food, safe places for recreation, and doctor visits. This kind of primary care is simply not available to many vulnerable people. The Mission Project is our way of providing it. We listen to and work with local groups to understand the gaps in community care – and then put money and time into offering clinics, supplies or other life-changing help. We will use our hospitals as bases of operations, capitalizing on the doctors, nurses, pharmacies, kitchens, and vehicles to bring care and support to people where they live.


The solutions may look different in each market, but our commitment is consistent.

WHOm can i contact?

For reporters seeking background or an interview, contact melissa@StoneBridgeHealthCare.org