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StoneBridge Healthcare was recently established to ensure that financially struggling hospitals can survive and thrive across the cities and suburbs of America. We purchase and turn around hospitals that are in significant economic distress and could otherwise be forced to close, which would be devastating to the communities they serve. Our decades of experience, our financial investment and our commitment to expand primary care into the urban areas we serve make our company the only one of its kind.

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StoneBridge Healthcare’s world class team is comprised of the country’s leading healthcare professionals. Led by CEO Josh Nemzoff, the experts have on average over 35 years of experience in for profit and non-profit health systems.

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How We're Different

StoneBridge Healthcare can immediately step in and provide three things to distressed hospitals: We can acquire them; we can provide cash before closing through a rescue financing program; and we can restructure them so they can stop burning through money and succeed long term.

Our team of nationally recognized experts in healthcare operations, finance, turnarounds, and acquisitions is capitalized through a multi-layered composite finance group that includes nationally known debt and equity sources. That is a sign of the seriousness of our purpose, the ability to deliver on our promises, and the smart business of investing in hospitals.

The Mission Project

Over 80% of health care in the U.S. occurs outside of a hospital, yet millions of citizens lack access to high quality care despite living in close proximity of one.

As a result, StoneBridge Healthcare has formed “The Mission Project,” to design a state-of-the-art primary healthcare delivery system for vulnerable populations in the urban markets where it acquires and operates hospitals.

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