when Mission Matters


StoneBridge Healthcare, LLC was formed to help  Health Systems achieve their Growth Objectives by assisting them with the acquisition of hospitals while preserving their capital and bandwidth, utilizing our partnership model. The unique structure of StoneBridge, which is a privately held company, allows us to implement these acquisitions with either a for-profit or non-profit structure.

Who We Are

StoneBridge Healthcare is a new company formed solely to ensure that hospitals can survive and thrive across the cities and suburbs of America to serve out their mission of providing top quality care in the communities they serve. While we are a new company, we have the depth of experience of a well-established one. Our experience and knowledge of where the hospital industry is today and where it is headed, led us to develop an innovative approach to solving the many challenges that are facing our nation’s healthcare delivery system. 

How we are different

Our distinctiveness starts with what we do. StoneBridge Healthcare can immediately step in and provide many resources to our health system partners: We can identify and jointly agree on hospitals to purchase. We can negotiate the acquisitions on the best possible terms. We can provide the capital to not only complete the transaction but also to invest in the hospital. We have a stellar team to return these hospitals to profitability. 


We seek to partner with hospital systems in urban and suburban locations across the United States. We are looking to partner with health systems that have between $2 billion and $20 billion in annual revenue and who are seeking to grow.

the mission project

The Mission Project was the catalyst for the creation of StoneBridge. It is a vital, community-based element of what we provide when we acquire a hospital. Proper healthcare goes way beyond what happens in a hospital. It involves health education and lifestyle habits of healthy diet, exercise, and preventative care. That requires easy, affordable access to healthy food, safe places for recreation, and doctor visits. This kind of primary care is simply not available to many vulnerable people. The Mission Project is our way of providing it. 


Joshua Nemzoff, the Chairman and Founder has assembled at StoneBridge Healthcare a  world class team that is comprised of the country’s leading healthcare professionals. They are nationally recognized experts in healthcare operations, financing, turnarounds, and acquisitions and sales, with an average of 35 years of experience. Many of these executives held senior positions at leading for-profit and non-profit health systems with tens of thousands of employees and annual revenues in excess of $10 billion.